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I loved the idea of distributing software - the distribution could be instant and world wide. To be able to work world wide and mobile was a dream for me and I was very happy the day it was realized. We have been doing business in and from Europe, North America, South America, Russia, and even in Africa.

Our approach has been to speak the language of our clients. Not the language of our programmers and technicians. Our clients know what they invest in as they actually understand our services and how things work. This has been a mile stone in our success.

Today we have the connected 'know how' in Helsinki and Kuopio (Finland), as well as in Washington, DC (USA). Our main focus right now is the Finnish market and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From the beginning we focused on user-friendly and extremely economic solutions and upset the markets with unbeatable products and related sales. We still work with this range of services. However, today we take better care of our clients; invest more time in them, which also means they happily pay us more than before to have the job done. We are also working more with in house graphic design which shows online on the websites of our clients.

We were in the summer of 2008 working with a volume solution for SEO and actually managed to produce one. Economics of scale advocate volumes. And obviously a great deal can be saved for parties involved when more companies share the fixed costs. 100 companies sharing a fixed cost at 100€ is 1€ each. 10 companies sharing the same cost means 10€ each. Simple mathematics and the spine of our cost structures.

The companies that are now ready to invest in SEO will be in the front seat. They can be the first to cranck up their sales volumes and make themselves very accessible. Those jumping the band wagon later will have it tougher.

It is a privilage for us to help new aspiring clients to have high rankings in the search engines and to make their domains' networth rise.

It is a privilage for us to help new and old aspiring clients to boost their marketing and client support through their websites.

We are small enough to care, big enough to make a difference.

CEO Kim Ribacka

CEO Kim Ribacka

webside finland Ltd.